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(Sorry, I still have nightmares about “Enchantment? Enchantment!”)

Thanks to this enterprising fan, I am now happily playing Star Trek Online in Mac  OS X instead of using Bootcamp on my iMac.  I had been having problems with dropping frame rates with my Windows install for no particular reason, forcing me to stop playing once I found myself in a space battle with 2-3 frames per second on the lowest graphics setting possible. With very little setup involved, I was up and playing fluidly with recommended graphics settings in Mac OS using the app linked above!

What I find especially interesting is that this is a labor of love by a fan; usually Mac users have to wait until a company like CrossOver Mac have finagled a way to get the game working in a Mac environment, and this guy is doing it for free, and providing support on the forums as well, responding to comments and suggestions. I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to give him kudos, so: kudos, @doh123!


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