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Mythos Hype

It seems I’m in the minority regarding the latest news about Mythos returning to public scrutiny, with a revamped website and a teaser trailer on display. I’ve read several comments here and there pledging support of Runic Games and Torchlight rather than this usurper of the Runic Games developers’ previous brainchild.

While it does feel a bit weird to be excited about a game that Redbana acquired nearly 80% complete, and I am part wary and part skeptical about whatever changes and additions they might have made (will they be obvious? disjointed? or seamless?), I can’t help it. Mythos as I understand it is ever so slightly closer to the kind of game I wanted to play from the beginning than Torchlight is. If Mythos comes out within the next handful of months with multiplayer support, I will be there with bells on for quick dungeon romps, and I know my gaming partner and better half will be, too.

I passed on Torchlight in its current incarnation because I don’t enjoy single-player games. Beyond that, I would have to see if there will be more options for character appearance in any future iterations before I crossed over (I don’t accept being locked into one look for each class in Asian grinders, and I don’t accept them here) and if they will be introducing an over-the-shoulder camera option. For me, that Mythos already provides these things puts it ahead in the running.

That doesn’t make it feel any less awkward, though. It feels strangely akin to dating your friend’s ex or something. Just… don’t tell Runic Games, okay?


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