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This morning I set my alarm bright and early (for a Sunday, for a Mother’s Day we didn’t have immediate plans to celebrate) so that Mr. Randomessa and I could cobble together a small krewe and complete the Molten Facility dungeon for Guild Wars 2’s Living Story conclusion. Real life has been kicking our tails and intruding on the time we have to indulge in the game, but we’ve been eking out the achievements in bits and pieces over the past several months, and I finally managed to catch up to the last event late last night.

Thanks to some wonderful (and also late-coming) guildies from the stellar Stonewall Vanguard (SWG), we were able to knock the thing out, despite three drops along the way and an embarrassing number of wipes. Fortunately, despite having finished the dungeon some two hours after the noon PST deadline, we all still received the achievement, and some good times were had, as well as a sense of pride at having pulled things together at the end.

I can’t say I’ve played GW2 as much as I’ve liked to since its release, and I certainly haven’t played enough or often enough to reliably offer commentary (which is why I’ve chosen to remain silent so much of the time), but days like this just remind me why this is the game I come back to.

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day.


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Well, it’s been a great run. I’ve been honored and humbled to participate in the Newbie Blogger Initiative, taking in the copious amounts of advice and experience being handed down from bloggers big and small. I’d like to think we all have a lot to learn from each other, whether veteran or newbie – at least, I have learned a lot at y’all’s feet the past several weeks.
Syp has the roundup information handled and summarized, so all I can add is: go forth and blog awesomely!

Bio Break

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Well, we were there at launch, and Mr. Randomessa and I made sure to be there again for the 2nd anniversary celebrations (let’s never mind that we sat out anniversary number one). Cryptic sweetening the deal with awesome flagships for both Fed and Klingon side didn’t hurt, either.





Party on, dudes!

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An Exercise

I don’t have the readership numbers to justify polls, but I’m curious nonetheless.

Call to mind single player RPGs such as the iterations of the Elder Scrolls, GTA, or Fallout series. Do you consider these to be sandbox RPGs?

Why or why not?

Now imagine that these games had a massively multiplayer component. The same game, but with the floodgates open for thousands of players at the same time, with NO other changes made to the game. The multiplayer versions of the above games are, in your view:

Why or why not?

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Words -> Mouth

I was trying to think of a good topic to post on juxtaposing my experiences in LOTRO with my expectations and excitement about Guild Wars 2, but then November 11th hit and, well, Melmoth says it better and more succinctly than I could.

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Thwarted by IE

I am finding pickings slow for internet activity these days, for a combination of factors:

1) The only information coming out of Guild Wars 2 these days is heavily mechanics-based, and honestly, I’m just not that interested in the nitty-gritty details of energy potions or the precise number of traits to choose from, etc. I leave the number-crunching and theorycrafting to Mr. Randomessa, who delights in that sort of thing. Me? If I can kill the thingy with the thingy and get the next bit of yummy story, I’m more than satisfied. Just don’t ask me to name the thingy.

2) I’m up to my eyeballs in non-disclosure agreements. I’m not complaining, by any means, but I have never been so busy with non-gaming gaming as I am now.

3) The new Massively website (via Joystiq) does not play nicely with my workplace’s version of Internet Explorer. This means that the “submit” button on comments is not visible to me and I am effectively unable to communicate. By the time I get home to my CometBird, I have lost all interest and inclination to post, and the discussion has moved on far past my point of entry (as all forums are wont to do). It’s a real momentum-killer.

4) I’m feeling a bit lonely in Guild Wars these days. While I was glad for the ability to finish up Hearts of the North in one evening of play with few mishaps, my work hours have increased and that, in addition to my time zone, prevents me from making regular play dates. As a result I haven’t seen the MVOP crew in months, and am unable to join up with the Relics of Orr folks. See also #2).

(I am fortunate indeed for the odd chance meeting with Nugget.)

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Around the Bend

Although Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 fans are gnashing their teeth a bit at the slowdown of information out of ArenaNet since Gamescom and PAX (there have been some nice exceptions), I welcome this time to catch my breath from the whirlwind of reveals.

I will be scarce around these parts for the next while, as I have been taking time to gear up and gather consumables for an upcoming boss fight that admittedly grants some pretty fine loot.

I do so love talking about real-life events using gaming terms. Did I mention I’m going to be leveling up, too?

Have fun, Guild Wars Pilgrims and veterans alike, ArenaNet scouts and watchers of all kinds.

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